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Staying cool in the heat of summer or warm during winter may be a real challenge. The last thing you want is for you HVAC unit to break down, but this can happen. If you’re faced with a unit that won’t cool or heat your home efficiently, you may want to rely on AC services in Sanford to help. This is a team of professionals that have been doing business since 1990, and you can rest assured there isn’t an HVAC repair in Sanford they can’t do.

Duct Work (Repair and New Installation)

Working to keep your home as cool or warm as you want it to be will depend on the air ducts in your home. These are the vents that are strategically spaced throughout your property that allows the air from your AC or heating unit to keep your comfortable. Many homeowners forget the importance of duct work and may have items cluttering these vents. This can prevent you from keeping your home the right temperature to enable you to feel your best year round.

You will want to rest assured your air duct installation is done accurately. The size and placement of the ducts in your home will have a direct impact on your comfort level. This job can be completed by an AC service in Sanford to meet all the necessary environmental requirements and satisfy you.

It’s ideal to have these checked periodically by an AC repair in Sanford professional to ensure these are working correctly. Any ducts that are filled with dirt or debris can have an adverse impact on your comfort level because the air can’t flow through with ease. You may need to have your ducts properly cleaned for better results.

The good news for you is that you can rely on Bennet and Son’s Air Conditioning to ensure your ducts are ready to perform at their absolute best.


One thing you will want to have while living in a southern state is a good air conditioning unit. This will assist in keeping cool during the hottest months of the year. It’s ideal to fix any repairs as these are needed if you have an older unit and you can do this by relying on the best AC repair company in Apopka to help.

Regardless if you need a belt replaced or a new coil for your unit, the professionals at Bennett and Son’s Air Conditioning have been in business for over 25 years and are the experts you need. You can rest assured there aren't any repairs that our professional and dependable company can’t fix for you!

Taking time to ensure your comfort before the heat strikes is ideal and you can do this with our AC services in Apopka. Give Bennett and Son’s Air Conditioning a call today at 407-703-4488 and one of our NATE certified technicians will be happy to help you! We pride ourselves on being a friendly and professional company that is here for you when you need us most!


The key to feeling as warm as you want to be in the frigid winter months will largely depend on the heating system in your home. You will want to ensure this unit runs efficiently to help you combat the dips in temperature. However, things can happen fast, and if you need to rely on an AC repair service in Sanford, you can get any necessary fixes made quickly that are critical to you well-being during the winter.

The heating system in your home can be a complex component to keep running. For instance, if you wake up to the air in your home being too cool and not getting warm, you may need to call AC services in Sanford to enable you to resolve this issue. However, some things you can do beforehand is to ensure the filter in your unit isn’t clogged and has been changed recently. Additionally, make sure you have the setting on your thermostat turned to heat.

At Bennett and Son’s Air conditioning we’ve been working with customers since 1990 to ensure their homes are as comfortable as possible during extreme weather conditions. Be sure to give us a call at 407-703-4488 today and schedule an appointment with us today!


Keeping your thermostat in good working order is the key to being comfortable during any season of the year. If your thermostat doesn’t work as it should, you will be unable to set the ideal temperature in your home for optimal comfort. Relying on AC repair in Apopka is sure to be ideal when it comes to something as serious as your thermostat. Getting and keeping this item up to par is perfect for year-round comfort and is the key to avoiding any issues that may arise.

Most people take their thermostat for granted, but there are numerous settings on this device that you should know about to help you stay comfortable. In fact, most thermostats will have a cool, heat and auto mode. You will need to choose the right setting to keep your home as comfortable year-round as you can. Taking time to read the owner’s manual and working with this device can be helpful in knowing what you need to know

Additionally, if your home has a programmable thermostat, this can be a much more complex unit to diagnose and repair. You’re sure to need the expertise that is offered by our NATE certified technicians to handle a job of this magnitude. Simply rely on an AC service in Apopka to look at either your traditional or programmable thermostat today for optimal results. This is sure to be one of the best moves you made when it comes to staying comfortable!

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