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Replacement / Installation

Reasons to Choose an HVAC Unit

One of the things you will want to be while in your home is comfortable. This is the place where you will spend a lot of time and working to ensure your home is the ideal temperature is important. It’s ideal to install HVAC system to enable you to do so with the greatest ease and less stress. This is an efficient and dependable way to keep you comfortable at all times regardless of what the weather is outside. It’s ideal to rely on an AC service in Sanford when it comes to installing or replacing your unit.

Benefits of choosing an HVAC Unit

There are many advantages of selecting the right heating and cooling system for your home. It’s ideal to consider this way to maintain your comfort level when you're either building a new home, or it’s time to replace your current unit. Did you know that if your HVAC unit is older than 20 years old, you should call AC repair in Sanford to replace it? It’s a fact that a unit this old won’t work as efficiently as it should.

Studies indicate that you may save up to 15% on your energy costs by having your HVAC unit serviced. These savings can really add up when temperatures are above normal outside. When you consider the huge amount of money you can save annually, you will find it’s in your best interest to have your unit serviced by an AC service in Sanford.

Additionally, you may be able to remain more comfortable in your home at all times by doing so! Ensuring your HVAC unit is serviced as necessary can prevent it from running too much and this could even cause wear and tear on your unit that may be unnecessary. You will want your unit to last as long as possible and taking good care of it is the key in doing so.

Let Us Help!

At Bennett and Son’s Air Conditioning we take pride in the fact that we have over 25 years of experience in the heating and cooling field. When you need an AC service in Apopka, you can count on us to get the job done for you. Simply give us a call at 407-703-4488 today!


If you want to avoid the heat of summer, you may need to stay inside a great deal. This season may be one of the most challenging ones to endure. It’s ideal to ensure you install or replace your AC unit by relying on AC repair in Sanford to assist you. One thing you can count on is peace of mind in knowing that you’ll be ready to tackle this time of year armed with a cooling system that is ready for the hottest season of all.

Regardless, if you’re building a new home or you need to replace an old AC unit we can do this for you. There is no problem we can resolve when it comes to helping your stay cool during the hot summer months. Simply rely on AC service in Apopka, and we’ll give you a completely FREE estimate for your new unit!

It's practically a necessity to have your air conditioning running smoothly and allowing you to stay comfortable when the heat begins to hit. We’re here to help and ready to install your new AC unit today so you can remain cooler tomorrow.


Staying comfortable when the temperature is frigid outdoors can be problematic. The key to doing so will rest in making sure the heating in your home is working properly. The last thing you will want to do is have to be cold, and you can avoid that by calling Bennett and Son’s Air Conditioning because we help with heating needs, too. We have 25 years of expertise under our belt if you need it and taking time to ensure you stay warm is important to us.

You may be faced with the need to install a new heating unit in your home. This is sure to be a task you will have some answers about, and when you choose AC service in Sanford, you’ll get all your questions answered. We know heat pumps, and in fact, we have NATE certified technicians that will install yours for you when needed. Our technicians have undergone extensive training to be receive this type of certification.

We’ll even give you a FREE estimated cost for installing your heating system, and you can count on it being accurate. We love helping out customers, and we even provide warranties that range from 30 days to ten years depending on what you need.

Let us be your heating specialty service by giving us a call at 407-703-4488 today. Bennett and Son’s Air Conditioning know how to get things done and we’re ready to help you today. We’ve been in business since 1990 and there is isn’t a heating problem that we can’t solve!

Heat Pumps

One of the simplest, but most effective ways to keep your home nice and cozy during the frigid winter months is by having a heat pump in your home. This is sure to help keep you as warm as you need to be and can be a very cost-effective way to do so. It’s ideal to rely on an AC service in Sanford to help ensure you have the ideal size heating pump for your property.

When either installing or replacing your heat pump there are some things you need to consider and these are listed below:

Taking time to consult with experts in the heating and cooling field is the key to helping you make the ideal choice when it comes to your heat pump. We offer you 25 years of expertise in this area and NATE certified technicians. Give Bennett and Son’s Air Conditioning a call today at 407-703-4488 and we’ll give you the details on the right heat pump for your home and schedule an installation date in the process!

Mini split systems

If you’re interested in installing mini split systems in your home, you should rely on an AC service in Sanford to assist you. This is a unit that consists of two components that include the outdoor unit and also will have an indoor handling air system. If you add a room to your existing home, you may want to choose mini split systems for ease and comfort.

Some of the reasons you may want to consult with an AC repair in Sanford to have mini split systems installed in your home is because of all the advantages doing so offers you. For instance, these are minuscule in size and are very flexible when it comes to either heating or cooling small rooms in your home.

Other benefits of the mini split systems include these are ductless. This can make maintenance much easier for you. These are also easy to install and something you may want to consider doing today.


Are you tired of paying high energy bills during every extreme season of the year? It’s likely that your electric bill for summer and winter may be much higher than you may like it to be. Well, you can change that by simply installing a programmable thermostat in your home rather than the traditional one. It’s ideal to rely on AC services in Sanford to install this for you and all you’ll have to do is learn how to use it!

Relying on this device means you don’t have to keep your AC or heat running all day when you’re at work and this translates to more money in your pocket. You can simply program this thermostat and this will allow the heat or AC to come on at various times of the day. It’s ideal for an AC repair services in Sanford to assist you with learning many of the feature that are typically offered below:

Letting the right AC service in Sanford install either a traditional or programmable thermostat in your home can be extremely helpful and maybe cost effective for you, as well!


One of the most used items in your home during the winter months is sure to be your furnace. This component is essential for helping you stay warm regardless of what the weather is doing outside. It’s ideal to have an up-to-date furnace by relying on an AC service in Apopka to install this for you or replace the one that you may currently have in your home.

Ensuring your furnace is installed accurately and adheres to all the guidelines that are necessary for it to function at an optimal level is in your best interest. In fact, when you choose a professional AC repair in Apopka to do this for you, you’re sure to have a furnace that is highly functioning and cost-effective. You will want to be sure to get the biggest heating bang for your buck.

At Bennett and Son’s Air Conditioning we’re here to offer you over 25 years of expertise in all of the heating and cooling needs you may have. We know the importance of keeping your family warm when the weather outside is frigid and extreme. Let us be your furnace contractor by giving us a call today at 407-703-4488!

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